We Want the Airwaves: CTEP goes ON AIR!

Hello everyone out there! The CTEP is branching out to another medium! Yes, now you will be able to hear the mixes I have been compiling and tracking. The idea behind the CTEP was to make mixtapes and then to share them with people. This proved to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated. There … Continue reading We Want the Airwaves: CTEP goes ON AIR!

New Stuff: Bargain Bin Classics

The junkyard. The Dead Zone. The scrap heap. The junk drawer. The clearance section. The bargain bin. Whatever you call it, this is an area we can all somewhat visualize in our minds. A section of a shop (I suppose this extends beyond record shops) that is full of stuff that nobody is buying because … Continue reading New Stuff: Bargain Bin Classics

Update 1.0: What’s Going On?

Things are moving right along here at the CTEP! You may have noticed this address is no longer cassette tape exchange program.wordpress.com (which just rolls right off the tongue!) but is now, www.CassetteExchange.com! This new "identity" is accompanied by a new look and some formatting changes as things settle into place. This is an exciting step towards legitimacy for the … Continue reading Update 1.0: What’s Going On?

Another Bunch of Winners

Well, I have done it again! Success at the record shop! Sometimes, I'm looking for something in particular and other times I'm totally winging it. This time it was a beautiful combination of the two. I will acknowledge that this blog (dreadful word) is seemingly exclusive to cassettes but the truth is that I don't often … Continue reading Another Bunch of Winners