Supersized: Burger Babes from Outer Space

Greetings Earthlings!

We come in peace, so long as you dig this tape loaded with extra cheese! Its got grizzle, grit, swagger, and sauteed onions. We’re talking about Burger Babes from Outer Space, the 2020 cassette/digital release from Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol. Grab yourself a napkin or two, and let’s get down to business!

RBBP is a rock and roll outfit from Austin, Texas, but heavier! We’re not talking about shuffles and boogie woogie; we mean fuzz and riffs. The band has been around the scene and the country spreading the grease wherever they go. No matter what release serves as your entry point – your hunger will be satisfied.

Burger Babes starts the listener somewhere in orbit before beginning a high octane descent, crashing down to the planet’s surface. The opening track ‘Death Wagon’ highlights a duality in the Burger Patrol’s blend of rock music; kicking off with a heavy amalgamation of rock, funk, and blues. You could head bang, strut, or burn one to this track (entire album) – it’s got the right attitude! However, before long, it’s full throttle rock that draws more of its inspiration from the metal realm.

On the surface rock and metal may seem to be similar enough, like relatives in the same family. This may be true in some instances, but let’s not forget how much unique terrain exists in each genre. The elements at work here must be combined, paired, and balanced with skill and intent. This interplay is a driving force on the album, creating an interesting and engaging range of sounds.

While this assortment of fast food rock all goes down easy, ‘Baby Man’ has to be our favorite track. Underneath some flavorful fuzz is an awesome vocal performance throughout the tape. However, we’d argue that it really shines against the ‘stripped down’ verse on this song. The bass and drum groove is locked in making for a nice big punch when the guitars do come back in. Despite kicking in like Armageddon, the song quickly takes on an alternative, atmospheric quality. One part indie rock, two parts stoner rock.

We have to talk about the fuzz. This album is fuzzy. The bass is fuzzy. The guitar is fuzzy. You may ask yourself, ‘what does that mean?’. A regular guitar sound is ‘clean’ and a distorted guitar sound is typically called ‘crunchy’, or ‘dirty’. Fuzz takes that to another level. Fuzz is beyond crunch, if that makes sense. It shouldn’t. This makes for songs that are heavy, energetic, and in your face! There’s no masking the playing. It’s high quality performances that make this album, but this gnarly tone gives it that much more impact.

Final verdict: this one’s a total ripper. It has hooks and riffs galore. It’s thrashy, trashy, and greasy. It’s a high energy tape, but will serve you well across various moods or situations. Throw it on at a party, or for a midnight drive. Listen to it while you get ready for work. Listen to it at work. You’ll be asking for seconds.

Who we hear: HIGH REEPER, All Them Witches, The Black Keys, Clutch, The Smashing Pumpkins, CKY.


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