Back From the Dead: CTEP Renewed and Restored

The Cassette Tape Exchange Program is back! Where did we go? We’re not sure! We haven’t updated our faithful friends since March, so we feel it’s only right to touch base on this. We’ve certainly treated our ‘beloved’ exchange with less respect than it deserves. With a solo project, two bands, and a record label also on our plate, there’s not always enough of us to go around. However, we also believe in the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing right!

This isn’t the first time that we’ve fallen off the radar on our website or on our Facebook. We knew we needed to come up with a real plan for how we were to get back on track before we made a public attempt at returning. We owe our fans, and hell, even ourselves that much. We had to seriously consider our goals and our mission in this endeavor. Please allow us to briefly outline them for you:

1. We aim to connect music lovers with new music.
2. We want to promote music appreciation and music collecting.
3. We want to help bands.
4. We just wanna have fun!

The way we were operating before was simple enough, but something was not working! We still need to simplify the process even further. Previously, our submission window was from the 1st to the 20th of each month. This allowed for a compilation to be produced by the month’s end…. in theory. Moving forward there will be no submission windows of any kind. Submissions will be accepted 24/7. There may occasionally still be write-ups or reviews on these tapes, but the tape trading will now be largely separated from the business of the website. We’ll still be mixin’ up our submissions so that you end up with a cassette exchange! Send us a tape to receive a tape.

What will the website now feature in place of the monthly (sometimes not monthly) exchange reviews? Good Question! At this point, we want to do more reviews of both classic albums and tapes from up-and-coming bands. We believe this is important work to be doing as it’s incredibly beneficial for a band on the rise to have reviews, press, articles, etc.! It also helps generate content to pull in more readers (and hopefully more exchangers). We love listening to music and we like to write, so kindly put us to work! Cassettes only please.

The highly coveted CTEP monthly tapes will still exist and will still be included in the tape exchange. However, rather than being awarded to the first entrant of the month, they will simply be exchanged at random as the good DJ intended. We also still have a few t-shirts still available! Visit our support page to order one for yourself!

We thank you for hanging in there. We appreciate your time and your patience. It’s YOU that keeps this thing going! There will be more content to enjoy soon!


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