How Do You Like Them Horse Apples: Swarm of New Flies

Come with us and drift off to a hazy land where the synthesizers run wild and free! Swarm of New Flies by NY’s Horse Apples greats listeners like a sad, old friend. Self described as ‘stoned to the bone NY bedroom pop’ there are certainly elements of pop at work but with an ethereal twist. Sugary sweet melodies are paired nicely with relaxed and gentle sounds.

The songs presented here are drenched in synthesized textures, but rather than sound like a hollow, big bunch of nothing, they help to create an atmosphere that is quite expansive. There’s space here. There’s room to breath, room to think, room to reflect, room to feel. This must be where stoned to the bone comes in….

The feeling is mainly melancholy but there are some driving moments here as well. This probably not a completely accurate assessment that we’re about to make, but we would say we are sonically somewhere between Tycho and My Morning Jacket with a few sprinkles of some 80’s or 00’s influences. What we mean by this is that while we are wading through an almost down tempo environment, we are being presented lyrically with vivid scenes.

“…who can pretend there’s a beginning without an end…”

Horse Apples

Much like a 60’s folk singer, Horse Apples hits you with gritty details that make the stories contained herein much more authentic and relatable than traditional pop lyrics. Something as simple as mentioning Walgreen’s in a song was enough to put this song and it’s story in a specific time and place. In a specific world. Our world. Our time. This place! We think there’s value in that!

All in all, this kinda thing isn’t our usual bag. However, we thought it was damn cool, interesting, and a breath of fresh air. This is something that we would recommend our readers listen to not only for the music, but the chance to tune into themselves.

Check out Swarm of New Flies today!

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