One Album Fits All: Suffer, Then We’re Gone

We’re gonna be up front about this; we are not a metal blog. Does or should that matter? Probably not, but we feel it’s an important distinction to make. The metal world is one of countless sub-genres and this nearly infinite web of brutality covers a huge range of sonic territory. To be honest, we are not familiar with most of these categories and their defining characteristics, but we’re just gonna dive into it because music IS music!

So, with it now being established that we don’t know what we’re talking about; let’s do some talking! (or would it be typing?)

Mourn the Light (MTL) is a metal group from Connecticut. They are self-described as ‘traditional metal/doom’. We think that this description is completely accurate. After listening to their newest release, Suffer, Then We’re Gone (STWG), we can confirm that these guys check all the boxes. This monster was released earlier this year on Argonauta Records/Salt of the Earth Records and it is fully loaded with all the things metal heads love!

Mourn The Light (Patrick Hennessy Photography, 2020)

Do you want riffs? Tons of those. You like chugs? Check. Pinch harmonic squeals? No shortage here! Breakdowns? Oh, you betcha! Pure epic-ness? Yeahhhhhhh! This album wonderfully displays MTL’s classic/old school approach while also showcasing their modern sensibilities. ‘STWG’ combines elements of what we would consider to be power metal, thrash, and doom. It’s full of anthems with epic themes, but it’s balanced by crushing riffs and a touch of grit. You will be singing and chanting along, banging your head, and throwing up the horns before the first track is over.

In no particular order, we could say that this album would be enjoyed by fans of: Iron Maiden, Anvil, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Brand New Sin, Dokken, Manowar, etc. Again, this is just our take! We are not the kings of metal but we thought this album was bad ass and we hope you do too!

Check out Suffer, Then We’re Gone today!
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