Tape Exchange June 2021

Brave Readers/Listeners/Exchangers!

Hot damn! Summer is now in full effect! The CTEP is growing in terms of reach and impact. Sure, it’s taken a few years, but it’s no secret that the who’s who of tape trading know about the good work we do! We’re buzzing from the tunes we’ve shared and we are excited to share this months haul with y’all…. see what we did there? Anyways, let’s do our monthly dance, shall we?


June’s raddest and baddest tape happened sneak in right before our deadline of the 20th! (Remember, anything received after that is featured the following month) Here in Vermont (or in the Northeast you could say) we tend to think of New Mexico as a hot place, but man, this tape is cold! It’s trendy, it’s flashy, it’s authentic, it’s unapologetic, it’s cool as hell! This contribution is the exact reason we started this exchange. There is cool music out there that you don’t know about! If you give someone the chance to show you, you can seriously expand your musical universe, and even make a new friend!

Electro Pop Soup for the Transfem Soul Side A:Electro Pop Soup for the Transfem Soul Side B:
Banks – Fuck Em Only We KnowBlack Dresses – IN MY MOUTH
IC3PEAK – ПриветDorian Electra – Edgelord (ft. Rebecca Black)
Purity Ring – stillness in woeCrystal Castles – Transgender
Taylor Swift – I Did Something BadCharli XCX – party 4 u
CHVRCHES – Strong HandPorter Robinson – Sea of Voices

CTEP’s Contribution:

June was no exception to the rule of our monthly mixes kicking serious ass. This mix consists of some new songs that have blown our minds, old songs we’ve newly discovered, and old songs we had completely forgotten about!

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: June 2021

Side A:Side B:
Cicada Rhythm – Dirty HoundJohn Moreland – A Thought is Just a Passing Train
JD McPherson – Head Over HeelsGlamper – Take Your Cat Back
Peter Green – Slabo DayWeezer – The Good Life
Oscar Brown, Jr. – Tower of TimeBeetsblog – The Actual Feeling
Nick Lowe – Faithless Lover (Live)Roky Erickson – I Walked with a Zombie
Elephant Gym – Finger Ted Hawkins – The Lost Ones
Cat Seat Headrest – Fill in the BlankThe Doors – Cars Hiss by My Window

Check out these tunes! You have nothing to lose, but you have everything to gain! As always, it only takes one song to change your life!


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