Tape Exchange May 2021

Brave Readers we have done it again and in a somewhat timely manner this month to boot! Yes sir, the days of lollygagging are long gone and we have entered an era of straight shootin’ and fine tunin’! Oh, who are we kidding?! We’re not particularly proactive or efficient but that’s what makes us so relatable! Right…..? Right! Anyways, let’s show off some of the cool stuff that came in last month!


May’s raddest AND baddest tape had to go to this compilation sent in from music collective Sons of Old Town out of Memphis, TN. Now, don’t be fooled by it’s indie DIY charm! This thing is professionally potent! If you like indie rock, intimate acoustic tracks, eclectic electronic numbers, and soul restoring ambience – then look no further than this Quarantine Tape! Stuff like this reminds us, even in our overly produced and processed world, that honest and authentic music still holds a strong place and can connect us quicker and more securely than most forces of this earth.

Check it out here: SoOT – Quarantine Tape 2021

Off-Brand Star Wars Side A:QT Side B:
Cory Taylor Cox – Golden Lonesome (Glorietta) Jeff Hulett & Jacob Church – Beautiful Space
Jeff Hulett & Jacob Church – Rock & Roll PartyGlamper – We’ll Live Forever
Drew Danburry – SolitudeTaylor McMillen – Unreal
Tiblinski – We Get it Chris, You’re on FireHitoshi Yamaguchi – He is Able
Cory Taylor Cox – Queen of Valley City RemixCory Taylor Cox – 2009 (For Jarrod)
deadblankets – i’ll be a better man after the quarantine.Charlie Murphy, Bard of the Apocalypse – True Form
Rosey – Take CareSpencer Thomas w/ David McDowell – Hangin’ Tough

CTEP’s Contribution:

Life sure threw us some great tunes in May! Seriously, this is a great mix of decades, genres, hidden gems, and classics! This turned out to be a super cool and listenable tape and we would recommend this mix to any music lover! It has a certain flow, a certain mood, as the kids say, “this shit slaps”.

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: May 2021

Side A:Side B:
The Growlers – Rare HeartsWidespread Panic – This Part of Town
Kings of Leon – The BanditThe Statler Brothers – Flowers on the Wall
The Doobie Brothers – Jesus is Just Alright With MeNancy – 7ft Post Suicidal Feel Good Blues
Black Foot Gypsies – Gypsy QueenNo Doubt – Let’s Get Back
Cory Taylor Cox – Memphis KidsSqueeze – Cool for Cats
The Felice Brothers – Frankie’s GunBecca Mancari – Summertime Mama
Dan Croll – On Top
Justice – Civilization

Do yourself a solid and check out the tunes! Get your June tapes in by the 20th to make the deadline! As always, it only takes one song to change your life!


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