Tape Exchange Apr. 2021

Bravest of listeners! Lend me your… eyes! April has come and gone and we went and did the damn thing! It was truly an exciting month for us here at the CTEP. Our mix was unusual as usual! And our beloved exchangers rose to the occasion most triumphantly! Enough of the pleasantries, let’s get down to business!


This month we received another mega-submission from our good friend and fellow psycho out in MO. We’ve got some incredible mixing going on here; the good, the bad (not really), the ugly, the what the hell is this!? We can’t get enough! We thought this tape Off-Brand Star Wars was especially RAD! Chicken in the Corn?! Wicked Sick say we!

Off-Brand Star Wars Side A:Off-Brand Star Wars Side B:
? and the Mysterions – 96 TearsBill Withers – Use Me
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan ChanBrushy One String – Chicken in the Corn
Original Roxy Cast – Time Warp (RHPS)CAN – Little Star of Bethlehem
Wolframandhartiger – Bath TubSouthern Culture on the Skids – Cheap Motel
Bob Log III – Boob ScotchBob James – Angela
Parliamo – Six Ways From SundayThe Proclaimers – Burn Your Playhouse Down
Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing PurpleLale Anderson – Manchmal traum’ ich vom Kornfeld
The Bangles – Walk like an Egyptian (acapella)
Somni – Home


Jumper: This here is one supremely bad ass tape. We can’t deny the wonderful mix of genres and inclusion of picks spanning several decades; fans of our old radio will undoubtedly appreciate this mix! You probably know most of these tunes but the ones you don’t….. you should!

Jumper Side A:Jumper Side B:
The McCoys – Hang on SloopyTom Tom Club – Genius of Love
Stacy Q – Two of HeartsHot Chocolate – Everyone’s a Winner
Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX – I Love ItThe Beat – Rotating Heads
The Raconteurs – Steady As She GoesThe Police – Do Do Do Do Da Da Da Da
The Nails – 88 Lines About 44 WomenJane’s Addiction – Jane Says
Patty Smith – The WarriorDavid Bowie – Golden Years
Cab Calloway – Minnie the Moocher
Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy

CTEP’s Contribution:

In case you needed reminding: we don’t ‘make’ these tapes… LIFE does! We simply keep our ears open and the songs come find us! Sometimes they makes sense and sometimes they don’t. I suppose mix tapes are a lot like life in that way. At any rate, enough philosophizing, click the link below, and jam out to some killer cuts!

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: April 2021

Side A:Side B:
Jamiroquai – Canned HeatMarty Stuart – Me and Billy the Kid
Jeff Beck – I Ain’t Superstitious Bonny Light Horseman – Buzzin’ Fly
Roy Buchanan – Rescue MePearl Jam – Soldier of Love
Ramones – Danny SaysPhil Lynott – Tattoo
Blind Faith – Can’t Find My Way HomeBilly Bremner – Loud Music in Cars
Red Idle Rejects – Ink and Nicotine, Part II: That Moon Ain’t Right AbrahamV As In Victor – Little Girl
Ben Gibbard – Proxima B
David Bowie – Oh! You Pretty Things

Do yourself a favor and check out the tunes! Get your May tapes into the mail soon or consider them June as the deadline is only a few days out! As always, it only takes one song to change your life!


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