Tape Exchange Dec. 2020

Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and soon to be Happy New Year!

We are back on track here at the CTEP and we hope that you can say the same for yourselves! This year has been a bitch. It was tough, we won’t sugar coat it. However, one thing is true. If you are reading this post, you survived! Not only are we posting this month’s exchange before the end of the month but we got some rad tapes in as well!

Raddest AND Baddest Tapes:

This month we received two very cool Christmas compilations from Nashville area based ‘Songs of Old Town Collective’. These are both very cool indie releases that offer some fresh sounds of twang, jangle, and energy. You can enjoy these mixes (and more!) on Bandcamp here.

CTEP’s Contribution:

December was a great month for music! We explored some new material as well as some classics! There is a great variety of sounds present on this months mix. We try not to force these things, we try to let life find the songs, and boy did that pay off this time! We decided to go a little further with our write up this month and give you a song by song analysis of our mixtape. Check it out below!

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: December 2020

Buckethead – Soothsayer (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie)
This song makes me think of winter. It’s cold, it’s open, it’s mystical, then suddenly the energy intensifies and the blizzard hits us hard! The song shifts back and forth between these two moods exploring the outer limits of guitar shredding! This song is chill but it’s set to kill! Oh yeah, it’s also a 9 minute epic….

strongboi – honey thighs
This song is the sonic equivalent of sipping your favorite cocktail in your house by the fire or wood stove while it comes down outside. It’s light, poppy, jangly, sultry, and fun. Vibes of vintage soul are given a chic and modern application of indie inflection.

Fishmans – Go Go ‘Round This World!
More jangly, pop excellence, although this song is more driving and more akin to strolling in a lively (pre-covid) city or downtown area. It’s sharp, soulful, and funky, it’s joyous and fun!

Donny Benét – One Night in Paradise
This is electro-funk drenched in sex appeal and retro 80’s essence. A great tune to get you moving in the moonlight.

Ty Segall – My Lady’s on Fire
Now for some soft and gentle introspection – just kidding! More quirky, pop awesomeness! However, this tune takes more direction from rock, indie, alternative. This song could appeal to fans of the Dead, Bowie, or Modest Mouse and of course those in between.

Jerry Jeff Walker – North Texas Woman
Slow and steady. Easy going yet determined. This tunes trots along as a master song-smith works his magic. It’s tight and perhaps even bright or sunny, but you can feel the cold wind creep in with it’s chorus. An all around solid tune with some clever licks and well played lyrics.

Mondo Drag – Initiation
Cold, mystic, and full of righteous riffs. Almost like a psychedelic trip through an ancient Nordic land – or through a desert, we’re pretty sure there’s a wizard with you either way.

Rory Erickson – Two Headed Dog
This is rock and roll. Energetic, dark, and driving. Always a solid mixtape choice and somewhat similar to, although far edgier than, and I hate to make this comparison but I can’t un-hear it, REO Speedwagon’s Riding the Storm Out.

Dr. Feelgood – Roxette
This song is pure new wave rock energy. It’s seedy and gritty – a great tune for exposing punks to the harmonica.

Cut Worms – Castle in the Clouds
Imagine a hybrid of indie and country where your pedal steel is complimented by quirky vocal styling and almost atmospheric production. This song connect the dots between those like George Hamilton IV, Simon and Garfunkel, and Ben Kweller (as if they needed connecting)

Nick Lowe – A Quiet Place
This tune features twangy and jangly sounds of 60’s surf in a tight and wonderfully executed performance. Like this song’s theme would suggest, sometimes we all need some time and space to reflect as winter calls us to make time for introspection.

Faye Webster – Better Distractions
This song is soft and sultry as it drapes you in it’s silky melodies and warm chords. Almost bordering on easy listening – this song of longing proves to be calming and welcoming in it’s nature.

Bibio – Miss Blennerhassett
This ditty is warm and merry – a fine example of pickin’!

J Lloyd – Apocalypse
Sleek, funky, and smart. Also, short and sweet. This is a damn cool hip-hop interlude.

Nils Lofgren – The Sun Hasn’t Set on this Boy Yet
A fine pop ballad steeped in optimism. This melody is like candy it’s so sweet! There’s a reason Nils is so highly regarded!

Well, there you have it! Check out the tracks and enjoy the tune-age! It only takes one song to change your life!


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