The Great Update: Catching Up Our Tape Exchange

Greetings Cassette Oriented Consumers of Tune-age!

Well Dr. Dog, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were in July sharing great tunes, and now it’s…. freakin’ December!!!??? The pandemic has certainly knocked us all for a loop, CTEP included, but we are not out! We started this beautiful project 3 years ago and we aren’t ready to hang up our boots just yet. In fact, our site viewership has steadily climbed each year that we share tunes, and we need each other more than ever! We want to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit the site, check out the playlists, or even sent in a tape! This mega update is going to get us back up to speed and maybe even resolve all current world issues…. We can dream, right?

We must admit that we have fallen behind on our commitment to you. There, we said it. Now, can you take us back?! This a special 4 (FOUR)[IV] month edition of our exchange in order to get us caught up and back in the saddle! (Eat your heart out, Steven Tyler!).

A lot has happened in the last 5 months and we have some incredible tunes to share with you. We have considered different ways to breathe some life into this site and our service. We will try out some of these ideas in the coming days/weeks and see if we can provide the quality content that you have come to expect from the CTEP!

Let’s not waste another second! On with the tunes!

CTEP’s August Contribution:

August had some pretty rad sounds in our musical landscape. Overall, Pop (of the indie-rock variety) reigns supreme with elements of psychedelia, punk, and country and that can be caught in passing. You can feel the positive and carefree summer jams begin to turn to introspective sounds and darker themes. Don’t think this is a dreary mix by any means, the warm vibes are still a-plenty! This month’s mix includes great cuts from unknown acts, underground-powerhouses, and legendary artists. We don’t set off to make killer playlist each month, it just happens!

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: August 2020

Phish – FarmhouseSomeone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Phantomwise
Steve Earle – Telephone RoadSoccer Mommy – Your Dog
Flake Music – StructoThe Blasters – Border Radio
Romare – All NightThe Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
Black Pumas – Stay GoldDavid Johansen – Cool Metro
Guided By Voices – Glad GirlsBill Ludwig – The Narwhal Song
Fresh Blueberry Pancake – Being in TownNeil Young & Crazy Horse – Losing End (When You’re On)
Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love So Bad

CTEP’s September Contribution:

September’s mix much like the month was a return to form and a time to fall back on some tunes that we have long appreciated. This mix in a way is a comfort tape that blends feelings of melancholy and nostalgia with optimistic and driving sounds.

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: September 2020

Tom Juravich – A World to WinGerry Rafferty – Baker Street
Cisco Houston – Passing ThroughR.E.M. – I Took Your Name
Jesse Winchester – Yankee LadyCorduroy – Frug in G Major
CSN&Y- Almost Cut My Hair Matt Berry – Something in My Eye
The Dirty Mac – Yer BluesDr. Dog – Where’d All the Time Go?
Jimi Hendrix – Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?Westerman – Confirmation (SSBD)
Bo Diddley – You Can’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

CTEP’s October Contribution:

October was highly influenced by some incredible Japanese artists. In many ways this was one of the most eccentric compilations that we have made. Don’t be fooled by our Corey Feldman selection, when this tape strikes it really, really hits! It’s smooth, it’s timid, it’s awkward, it has swagger – just like us!

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: October 2020

Big Thief – Masterpiece Corey Feldman – Ascension Millenium
Liz Cooper & The Stampede – Motions (Far Out Version)Greg Phillinganes – Lazy Nina
Haruomi Hosono – ShimendokaShintaro Sakamoto – From the Dead
Englebert Humperdink – Quando Quando QuandoYura Yura Teikoku – KONCHU ROCK
Thin Lizzy – Slow BluesNazareth – Hair of the Dog
Rush – What You’re DoingSturgill Simpson – You Can Have the Crown
The Persuasions – He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Borther/You’ve Got a Friend

CTEP’s November Contribution:

November’s mix is an interesting mix of mostly ‘rock’ pulling sounds from all corners of the mighty and diverse genre. Elements of New Wave are complimented and contrasted by earthy and rustic Country and Blues elements. Will we ever make a completely cohesive tape?! Probably not.

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: November 2020

Phil Lynott – Dear Miss Lonely HeartsJerry Jeff Walker – The Cape
Richard Thompson – I Feel So GoodRed Idle Rejects – Concrete and Leather Blues
The Cosmic Vultures – GroovazoidTaj Mahal – Ain’t Nobody’s Business
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Midnight MosesRoy Buchanan – Black Autumn
Dr, Feelgood – Night TimeFlogging Molly – Worst Day Since Yesterday
Rockpile – Trouble Boys (Live)Frankie Miller – Be Good to Yourself
Dave Edmunds – Sweet Little LisaElectric Light Orchestra – In the Hall of the Mountain King

If you find yourself with the time, take an opportunity to check out some of the songs and artists listed here. It only takes one song to change your life!


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