June’s Mixtape Exchange

Hello again, Brave Consumers of Musical Media!

We have had the chance to sit with our submission from our monthly mix swap from last month (June)! Typically, we aim to introduce each month’s exchange on the 1st and wrap them up on the 20th. You may have noticed that we have been behind the ol’ eight ball as of late but we are working to break this habit!

Let’s just dive into this bad chicken, shall we?

Raddest Tape:

This month our raddest tape came to us from Massachusetts! This is one of the coolest submissions we have received to date! This is from the board of radio station in Waltham, MA from sometime in the 90’s.

It features an on air performance from a ‘sans-drummer’ Snuffleupagus. These guys were fresh out of high school and you can hear/feel their independent, optimistic, and youthful energy in these recordings. They laugh and chat about ‘taking a trip’ to the beach and the possibility of following The Dead on tour. However, at the same time, you can hear that they are wise beyond their years and wonderfully talented musicians. This acoustic presentation that features ballad type songs of indie/alternative feeling/passion/substance, jokes and stories, and acoustic funk jams about Jell-O!

Tapes like this serve as almost a kind of time capsule. A glimpse into the past, from another time, another town, a peek into someone else’s personal history. This tape holds a special place in the CTEP collection!

Baddest Tape:

This month our baddest tape was from a local exchanger. This tape is jam packed and isn’t afraid to wander between genres. It features some popular songs, obscure songs from popular artists, and even cuts from movie and television soundtracks.

This isn’t a tape that I would often play but it is without a doubt a blast from the past! Say what you will but these are Abby and Steph’s songs and what’s not to love about a vintage mix tape living again?!

The Police – Message in a BottleLittle Mermaid (sndtrk) – Fathoms Below
Edie Brickell – CircleTwin Peaks (sndtrk) – Audrey’s Dance
Indigo Girls – Prince of DarknessCarly Simon – Let the River Run
Tracy Chapman – She’s Got Her TicketsLabyrinth (sndtrk) – Magic Dance
James Taylor – Walkin’ ManBatman (sndtrk) [Prince] – Lemon Crush
Cat Stevens – Where Do the Children PlayGraffitti Bridge (sndtrk) – Round and Round
The Beatles – BirthdayPeter Cetera – No Explanation
R.E.M. – It’s the End of the WorldRick Astley – Why Should I Cry for You
Pink Floyd – The Thin IceThe Stair Steps – O-o-h Child
Simple Minds – Waterfront
Mike and the Mechanics – The Living Years

CTEP’s Contribution:

When we started offering our own ‘in-house’ submissions we would tailor them to the taste of each month’s first entrant. As time has passed, somehow, we have transitioned this tape into something more akin to a ‘songs of our life this month mix’. Some of these tunes belong together, others….. maybe not so much. After all, that’s the fun of making a mix tape, isn’t it? From the Beach Boys to Pantera, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a link to a complete Spotify playlist!
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: June 2020

Graham Parker – ProtectionLook What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma – Melanie
John Cale – Fear Is A Man’s Best FriendScott Walker – Jackie
Beach Boys – Sloop John BThin Lizzy – Half Caste
William Bell, Judy Clay – Private NumberJoe Jackson – One More Time
Traveling Wilburys – End of the LineCheap Trick – Ain’t That a Shame (Live)
Glen Campbell – Southern NightsThe Wytches – Beehive Queen
Bad Company – Burnin’ SkyDokken – Into the Fire
B.B.Blunder – Sticky LivingPantera – I’m Broken

Take an opportunity to check out some of the songs and artists listed here. It only takes one song to change your life!

Let’s beat the heat and stay cool!


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