Monthly Mixtape Exchange 3: June 2020

Bravest consumers of all things media!

We’ve opened the flood gates for our monthly mixtape exchange! We will admit that we are a little behind this month as we strive to make these announcements on the first. For this month only we will be extending our submission deadline to the 29th!

There are no limits or specifications to follow other than you utilize the compact cassette format! Take whatever music you’ve been enjoying, slap it onto a cassette, and send it in! In fact, the more wild the better your chances of being featured in our Raddest and Baddest tapes each month!

Simply take your tape and mail it to:

PO Box 1797
Brattleboro, VT 05302

Last month’s exchange was perhaps our greatest yet with some killer selections of rock and roll, soul, and blues!

We hope that you’ve all been enjoying the tapes you’ve received in return!

Let’s see what June sends our way!


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