April’s Tape Exchange

Hello Brave Consumers of Media!

The Cassette Tape Exchange Program has concluded it’s first monthly tape exchange! For those not in the know, we swap tapes, and we do it every month! Submissions were accepted until the 20th to make the cut off for this month and now is the time were we look through what came in! Without further ado, here’s what the cat dragged in for our first monthly exchange.

Raddest Tape:

This tape came in from a local tape exchanger and it features two splendid EPs from Hawaiian group, Poi Dog Pondering. The sounds here are free flowing and full of energy, dynamic energy! The songs are funky and folky. They drive you with mad boogie rhythms while soothing your soul with their cooing. When you consider the few live cuts that are featured on this mix; it all adds up to being one extremely authentic work. Tapes and music like this reinforce your love for trading as well as the trade.

Baddest Tape:

This tape was sent in anonymously and is dated from 1992. (What a great year!) This bad boy is a killer mix loaded with cool grunge and other great stuff like Alice in Chains, Jimi Hendrix, Mudhoney, and more! That’s the beauty of the tape exchange – you never know what you’re gonna get!

CTEP’s Contribution:

We’d also like to make it known that each month not only will we be collecting, documenting, and trading tapes – but we will be making them as well! The first tape that we receive for each month will receive a tape made by us at the CTEP! Remember, these bad boys will be limited to one lucky exchanger per month. So, get those tapes made and get them in early to earn yourself the most highly sought after collectable in existence! Here is what we had to offer one lucky listener this month

Our tape was pretty mellow in this inaugural monthly exchange. We decided to favor indie, folky, alternative sounds – although there are a few rockin’ moments to be heard.

Here’s a link to a nearly complete Spotify playlist (had to make some alterations/exclusions – Spotify doesn’t have everything after all!)
CTEP’s Monthly Tape Exchange: April 2020

Well, brave uh….. listeners? That concludes this month’s haul in review! Submissions for May will be accepted until the 20th! Get your favorite tracks and slap them together into one hell of a mix – you send that in and we’ll send you something back!


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