The End of An Era: Some Other Beginning’s End

Bravest Consumers of Media!

The Cassette Tape Exchange Program has made the decision to part ways with our former home station of WVEW. At this time, we will no longer be broadcasting live on Thursday nights. We apologize to any of you who will be missing one of their favorite shows. However, this is not the end of the CTEP!

For those keeping score at home; this website is where we began. This platform was the initial vehicle through which we aimed at connecting listeners with high quality music!

Let us take a moment in this update to appreciate what we were able to accomplish with our beloved radio show in 87 episodes:

  • We featured an impressive number of 787 different bands/artists/musicians!
  • We broadcasted 174 hours of programming steeped in excellence!

  • We played KISS 31 times and Nick Lowe 30 times!

  • We shared great tunes with even greater people!

Our focus has now been turned back to our original mission and intention: share great music with people by the power of THE MIXTAPE!

We are beyond grateful for the listening support you have provided over the last year and change! We are hopeful that those of you who came to know us through our radio program will come to enjoy our mixtape trading and all around sharing of the real hero and lifeblood behind all of this, anyway – the music.

Derek (DJ O’K)

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