What’s Happenin’? (I’ll Tell You)

Brave listeners, readers, and consumers of finely crafted media!

The CTEP has been busy, busy, busy! We’ve been firing on all cylinders in an effort to highlight more artists and share more music!

We have been rolling right along with our weekly radio program! Tonight, we will be broadcasting our 75th episode on WVEW! Throughout this sonically epic journey, we have featured 727 different bands/groups/artists! That is an incredible amount of music to have covered in about a year and a half!

Another thing that you may have noticed is that the CTEP has found it’s way onto Instagram! We have been sharing some of our favorite tapes from our collection on our page and have begun networking with a number of exciting partners!

Check us out on IG using the following link: CTEP on IG

We STILL have T-Shirts available, primarily in Small and Medium sizes! They would make a great gift for the Tape Head/Audiophile in your life and can be found on our Support page!

We will NOT be on the air next Thursday due to the need to Rock and Roll! DJ O’K will be will be down in the flat lands shredding the Les Paul and so episode 76 will air on 12/26 and will be the last edition of the CTEP for the year!

So, join us tonight for our 75th episode on WVEW-LP Brattleboro 107.7fm from 9 – 11p!

Radio (locals only): 107.7fm
Online: WVEW, Radio Free America
You can also tune in using your mobile/smart device!

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