Raise the Roof (and some Funds!)

Bravest of listeners,

Lend me your ears (eyes) so that I may share with you some news about our station, WVEW!

WVEW (W- Vermont Earth Works), is an all-access, all-volunteer, non-commercial station made possible by a number of local volunteers, DJs, underwriters, and donors.

With over 40 different shows, WVEW offers a wide array of programming: music, poetry, sports, talk, politics – it’s all here!

WVEW is the only radio station that broadcasts the Cassette Tape Exchange Program! Let’s show them the love and support that they deserve!

You can donate to that station using the following link:

Here’s the scoop straight from the horse’s mouth:

Brattleboro Community Radio needs your help.

You may have noticed that in the past few months, WVEW would often lose its signal, resulting in dead air.


Or, sometimes you’d turn on the radio and instead of hearing your favorite show, your speakers would emit unlikely music (even for us!) or the voice of a strange Swiss man announcing random numbers.

Here’s what happened: a crucial piece of equipment failed. This item, called a Barix Box, sends the signal from our downtown studios to our antenna on top of the Winston Prouty Center, where it then blankets the Connecticut River Valley.

The Barix Box was old and gave us many years of dedicated service.  And it was time to upgrade it to a newer, more reliable model.  Since we care about our signal, that was an easy decision.  But, the thing is expensive.  $600.  And we need two.

And, because it’s a tricky piece of equipment and we are all volunteers with minimal technical skills, we wanted to secure access to Barix Box’s tech support.  That’s another $599.  Annually.  This ensures we stay on the air and reliably provide the community with excellent programming you will never find on commercial radio or any streaming service.  

Because WVEW is non-commercial and we don’t sell anything, we have no steady revenue stream.  Upgrading the Barix Box took a chunk from our tiny nest egg and we need to replace it so we can pay our rent and stay on the air.

Here’s your opportunity to help WVEW continue to serve the greater Brattleboro area!  Give what you can, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Thank you for supporting community radio!

Lets do what we can to help this station that has been a source of joy, inspiration, information, and entertainment for so many in our community and the world over.

Join us at www.wvew.org to view additional information or to tune in for tonight’s broadcast of our 72nd episode at 9pm!


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