What’s Good!?

Brave Listeners and Dear Readers!

We have concluded our thematic exploration for the month of October! We covered an extraordinary amount of ground during that time. We explored the sounds of cover songs, live cuts, Funk, Punk, Halloween, and the year 1969 – not too shabby!

With a bye week to start off November, we have decided to return to form, and focus on what ‘brought us to the dance’. We’re playing a little of this and a lot of that! While we are unquestionably rooted in Rock and Blues, it’s the variety of sound that gives our beloved show it’s wild and freeform sensibility.

You may remember the campaign we launched when we first started this program: 10 Episodes – No Repeats. Now, as we approach our 72nd episode, we have played over 700 different artists. This is what sets apart from those ‘other’ radio shows that play the same five songs by the same five bands! We won’t name any names but you know who they are!

To be precise, we have featured 707 different artists/bands on The CTEP!

Who was number 700?
The Edgar Winter Group!

What is next for the CTEP? That’s anyone’s guess, but you can bet that it will be kick ass!

See you this Thursday for episode 72 of the CTEP!


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