Do You Know What I Theme?

Hey there Brave Listeners (Readers!)

Over the last few weeks we have been returning to our roots of variety and spontaneity! When we first started this broadcast, we played hundreds of artists in our first 10 episodes!

We felt it was necessary to revisit the theme of not having a theme – a themeless show, if you will, the Seinfeld of community radio.

The reason we felt this return to our roots was necessary is because we have a big announcement to make!

The month of October will feature a new theme every week!

That’s right Brave Listeners (Readers)!
View our schedule for yourself:

Oct. 3, ep. 66 – Cover Songs

Oct. 10, ep. 67 – Live Cuts Volume II

Oct. 17, ep. 68 – Funk vs. Punk

Oct. 24, ep. 69 – Year of Music Celebration

Oct. 31, ep. 70 – Halloween Special Volume II

We’re kicking off this month of themed programming this Thursday with a special collection of cover songs!

Tune in this Thursday at 9pm on 107.7fm WVEW-LP Brattleboro or online
at and Radio Free America


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