Celebration Day: Episode 50

When the Cassette Tape Exchange Program was founded it was unclear exactly what it could aim to achieve. The tedious act of making mixtapes was rewarding on a personal level but left a rather daunting challenge; how do I show people all of this great music?!

This is when the powers of WVEW-LP Brattleboro came into play. When the decision was made to transition from a guy who makes mix tapes to a weekly radio host, I was excited, a little nervous, but most of all, ready.

This show has covered a lot of ground in 50 episodes! We have featured some of the greatest artists to ever harness the powers of: Rock, Metal, Punk, Funk, Soul, Rap/Hip-Hop, Folk, Country, and more! There is a fair amount of effort that goes into planning a two hour episode each week – but I would not call it work! This entire experience has been as all things music related in my life – a labor of love!

We have had a chance to pause, reflect, and refocus and now we continue our ongoing effort to create the perfect mix tape!

Let’s take a moment to crunch the numbers! Here are some stats from our first 50 episodes!

Total Air Time:
100 hours* (roughly)
Total # of featured Artists/Bands:
Most Played Song:
Rory Gallagher – Walk On Hot Coals (4)
Lecherous Gaze – Lyin’ in the Road (4)
Most Played Bands:
Ben Harper / Bob Dylan (12)
Talking Heads / Black Sabbath (13)
Thin Lizzy (14)
Nick Lowe (18)
KISS (19)

Our first 10 episodes saw the CTEP crush the goal of not repeating a single artist or band! Our first 50 episodes have been an incredible journey that has featured some incredible music and many folks have reached out to express their appreciation! We would like to thank all of you for your support of our show! The good folks tuning in each and every week are what keeps us going! The Cassette Tape Exchange Program is alive and well and rollin’ along!

Here’s to the next 50!


You can listen to our 50th episode and all of our other playlists in their most complete form, here!

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