The Times They Are A-Changing

That’s right you Wacko’s! The Cassette Tape Exchange Program is moving to a new time slot! The same high quality programming you’ve come to enjoy and expect will now be broadcasted a whole hour earlier!

Don’t worry about there being any changes to our uniquely delicious formula! Our “anything goes” style will not be watered down or compromised by our new earlier slot. Some things are just better at night – even funnier, too. The CTEP is no exception!

Episode 47 will hit the airwaves this Thursday at 9 o’clock and baby, this thing goes to 11!

Be sure to tune in to one of the best shows on local radio – where we’ve played over 500 different artists in only 46 episodes, where we play whatever we want, and the songs are always de-he-cent!

Tune in at 107.7 WVEW-LP Brattleboro or online at

See y’all on Thursday!


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