Kleptokrat: EP Review

Seldom does the opportunity to discover a hidden gem present itself. In fact, the very nature of the gem is that it’s value is based on it’s own qualities coupled with it’s rarity. In the case of Kleptokrat, an up and coming musical force originating in Brooklyn, NY, we have a gem that won’t remain hidden for long – thanks in part to this high quality release!

Not many bands accomplish what Kleptokrat has been able to achieve in their self titled effort. This dynamic outfit weaves a sonic tapestry that is beautiful, stimulating, appealing, and may I say, down right tasty! Harnessing the timbres of vocals, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, bass, and drums – Kelptokrat effortlessly sidesteps the pigeon holes of conventional genre oriented limitations while honing in on a sound that is all their own.

One might be able to attempt confining their style with a word or two, but soon you will have considered so many facets that you will have exceed your own capacity for rational thought. This EP displays elements of alternative rock that are caressed by soulfully ambient sensibility before arriving in territory familiar with funk, punk, prog, and doom!

This self titled EP is available on cassette, cd, and in digital formats.

Check them out where you check things out:

Kleptokrat is: Alex Carter, Danilo Randjic-Coleman, Teagan Taylor, Walker Esner, and Graham Galatro (Julia Drummond Photography)


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