Update: News of the World

Things are a brewin’ here at the ol’ CTEP! We recently filled in for a weekend broadcast and snuck in a surprise Saturday session into our archives. For all of those counting along, you know that this has put us at 30 episodes of this beloved program.

We would like to send a huge thank you to the countless listeners who tune in each and every week to hear some of the best tunes and most classic of cuts!

Our Radio Playlist Archive page has been updated and is now current. There you will find Spotify playlists of all of our episode thus far.

Our T-Shirts are now available on our Support page and are also available at Turn It Up! in Brattleboro, VT!

As always, we are still accepting submissions of mixtapes! You can find out where to send any tapes/mixes on our Contact page. However, there has been an exciting development behind the scenes here at the CTEP! We have recently cataloged our entire collection of Tapes, CDs, and Vinyl on Discogs! We have also begun the process of adding titles to our Discogs Shop page! Check all of this out, here!

We are grateful for all of the support we have received and are looking forward to what’s ahead!


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