New Stuff: Old Stuff

I have made many acquisitions over the last few months. Much of it, while deserving recognition, went unreported. I have been blessed to be touch with the magic of Scotland and as I align myself with my most positive outcome I have come into contact with some great titles! (And the energy to tell you about them!)

The first of which is a cult classic by the name of Trout Mask Replica. It’s a 1969 release from Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. This gem was produced by Frank Zappa and you can certainly tell! This album is blindly courageous and is a downright confrontational experience. Sonically, Trout Mask is tension, madness, beauty, and freedom. It defies the limitations of form, structure, and even reason itself. On the flip side, however, it fails to “make sense” even once. Artistically, you can detect major importance behind this work. There’s a higher calling behind the truth that justifies it’s existence, but it is humorous to imagine a time when a record company would pay money to indulge such lunacy!

I picked up this album on CD while in Edinburgh. It set me back 5 pounds or about 6 and 1/2 USD.

Listen on Youtube
Favorite Tracks: Frownland, Moonlight on Vermont, Wild Life

Another recent addition to my collection worth mentioning is Blueprint by the Irish guitar monster, Rory Gallagher! Despite having moments where the line between Irish ballad and the blues sounds like Country; this is a gritty blues album through and through. Rory and the boys take you through the highs and lows of ramblin’ and rockin’. The sound is pure and raw while managing to remain open and expansive. Songs like “Walk on Hot Coals”, “Daughter of the Everglades”, and “Race the Breeze” are excellent examples of the finesse and fury of this mighty trio!

Originally released in 1973, I picked up this classic on CD at Turn It Up in Brattleboro, VT.

Listen on Youtube
Favorite Tracks: Walk On Hot Coals, Daughter of the Everglades

Do yourself a favor and check out these fantastic albums! Then while you’re at it, do yourself another favor by remembering to tune in to the Cassette Tape Exchange Program live on WVEW-LP Brattleboro! Listen to WVEW!


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