Radio Show #8: Give Peace A Chance (ST Edition)

Last week, we had the honor of hosting candidate for VT state senate Windham county -Wayne Vernon Estey (ST) on our program. Wayne came aboard the CTEP to share some songs, stories, and laughs. Many listeners called in to the station to comment of the robust character of Mr. Estey. Aside from our nonsense and good fun, Wayne had brought a message that needed to be shared:


Wayne Estey urged our local listeners to go out to the VT primary election on Tuesday, August 14th and vote for him, vote for someone, just be sure to vote! Wayne explained that an overwhelming majority of people just don’t vote. This inactivity needs to be resisted and reversed; Wayne Estey is stepping up to the challenge! “You are going to be governed”, said Wayne, “you might as well be interested.”

Get in touch with Wayne Vernon Estey

Here’s the tracklisting from our 8th episode – ST Edition:
(Listen to Playlist on Spotify!)

1. Ohio – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, So Far
2. New Speedway Boogie, Grateful Dead, Workingman’s Dead
3. Stagnant Pool – Leaf Hound, Growers of Mushroom
4. Been caught Stealin’ – Jane’s Addiction, Ritual De Lo Habitual
5. Sunshine (Go Away Today) – Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Edwards
6. Surfing with the Alien – Joe Satriani, Surfing with the Alien
7. For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield, Buffalo Springfield
8. Two Hearts in 3/4 Time – The Avalanches, Since I Left You
9. Watch Out! – Wells Fargo, Watch Out!
10. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Live) – Elvis Presley, From Memphis to Vegas
11. Some Kinda Hate – Misftis, Static Age
12. Mother Earth (Live) – Gov’t Mule, The Tel-Star Sessions
13. Private Hell – Iggy Pop, Skull Ring
14. Keep Pushin’ – REO Speedwagon, Greatest Hits (Comp)
15. Sweet Misery – Born To Lose, Sweet Misery
16. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocholate
17. Give Peace A Chance – Plastic Ono Band, Power to the People (Comp)

Our next show will be on 8/23/18 due to an awesome performance by O’K and the Night Crew and Ali Kat and the Revelators  at Electric Haze in Worcester, MA on 8/16/18!

Go vote in the primary election tomorrow (the 14th) and see you all on the 23rd!


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