Radio Show #7: In From the Storm (O’KNC Takeover!)

Our seventh episode has now been added to our catalog and this edition featured the chitting and chatting of my fellow band mates; Luke and Zach of O’K and the Night Crew! Its always a blast when the boys are in town. We had a gig a the Stone Church which featured the bombastic musical styling of Will Wood and the Tape Worms!

The format was a simple volley between Luke and myself. Mono y mono, song for song, we traded killer cut for killer cut! Zach was the honorable and impartial judge who awarded himself a well deserved victory which caught everyone by surprise!

Our next edition will feature a special guest, Wayne Vernon Estey. Wayne is a Democratic candidate for the Vermont state senate! We are gonna be mixing around ideas about politics and MUSIC!

As always, here’s the tracklisting we featured on this episode:
(Listen to Playlist on Spotify!)

(LL) 1. Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Quest, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
(O’K) 2. Doin’ Our Thing – Clarence Carter, Testifyin’
(LL) 3. Bleach – Nirvana, Bleach
(O’K) 4. Steamroller (My Baby Got Run Over By A) – The Adicts, Viva La Revolution (Comp)
(LL) 5. Lazy – Deep Purple, Machine Head
(LL) 6. Burning Down – SVVAMP, SVVAMP
*(O’K) 7. Hall of Fame – The Fleshtones, American Beat (Unavailable on Spotify)
(O’K) 8. Jailabamboozle – Les Dudek, Say No More
(LL) 9. (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away – Dr. John, Desitively Bonnaroo
(O’K) 10. Peace Loving Man – Blossom Toes, If Only For a Moment
(LL) 11. A History of Bad Men – Melvins, A Senile Animal
(O’K) 12. Still I’m Sad – Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
(LL) 13. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On
(O’K) 14. One for the Lonely – Paul Pena, Paul Pena
(LL) 15. Celebration Day – Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin III
(O’K) 16. Rubber Bullets – 10cc, 10cc
(LL) 17. The Real Me – The Who, Quadrophenia 
(O’K) 18. Super Bird – Country Joe & The Fish, Electric Music for the Mind and Body
(LL) 19. I’m Goin’ Mad – Scorpions, Lonesome Crow
(O’K) 20. Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan, Texas Flood
(LL) 21. In From the Storm – Jimi Hendrix, The Cry of Love

Who won the contest? Decided for yourself and let us know what you think! See you all next time.


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