Radio Show #2: Dreamer

Last Thursday was the second installment of the Cassette Tape Exchange Program on WVEW-LP Brattleboro! The set was full of long songs, most of which were about five minutes. The Soft Parade by The Doors was the longest clocking in at nine minutes! (ever thought you could hear that on the radio?)

The next show is scheduled for Thursday July, 5th. Our third episode will be full of great cuts and classic tracks!

I’d also like to announce that we have not played the same artist twice! Each edition clocks in at two hours in total length. Our goal is to broadcast ten episodes before we replay any artist. There is enough material in existence to fulfill this goal, without question! This has been a very rewarding goal to aim for! Anyway, here’s the set list from the second showing!

Cassette Tape Exchange Program Episode 02 – 06/28/18
Listen to Playlist on Spotify

1. Black Mass – Electric Wizard, Black Masses
2. Mr. Jade – Pete Droge & The Sinners, Find A Door
3. Somewhere They Can’t Find Me – Simon and Garfunkel, Sounds of Silence
4. El Diablo – ZZ Top, Tejas
5. Golden Goose – Todd Rundgren, Healing
6. A Moment of Silence – Streetlight Manifesto, Everything Goes Numb
7. Dread and the Fugitive Mind – Megedeth, The World Needs A Hero
8. Honey Bee – Tom Petty, Wildflowers
9. Purple Cloud – O’K and the Night Crew, O’K and the Night Crew
10. The Soft Parade – The Doors, The Soft Parade
11. Trouble No More – Muddy Waters, Unk in Funk
12. Laredo Tornado – Electric Light Orchestra – Eldorado
13. No More Trash – Goliath, Goliath
14. Zig Zag Wanderer – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Safe As Milk
15. Spoonful – Howlin’ Wolf, Howlin’ Wolf
16. A Second Opinion – Murder By Death – Red of Tooth and Claw
17. Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain – Dax Riggs, We Sing of Only Blood or Love
18. Kansas City – Wilbert Harrison, An Introduction to Wilbert Harrison
19. Ship in the Sky – Cisco Houston, Cisco Houston Sings the Songs of Woody Guthrie
20. From Home – Tycho, Past is Prologue 
21. Tomb Diggin’ Shovels – Mad Conductor, Mechanical Claw
22. Let Me Know – Mayer Hawthorne, A Strange Arrangement
23. Cissy Strut – The Meters, Funkify Your Life: The Meters (Comp)
24. Canary In A Coalmine – The Police, Zendatta Mondatta
25. Taking Flight – DMinor, Magic
26. Dreamer – Foghat, Rock & Roll Outlaws

D’ASSSSS IT! Catch you all on the next episode this Thursday! You never know what you’re gonna hear on the CTEP! Available for streaming online at


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