The Electric Hour: Time Well Spent

First impressions aren’t everything.

I know, that may not seem quite right, but I can promise you it’s true. When I first saw this tape I had no idea what it was. Jeffertitti’s NileWhat the hell is that? Based on the album art I expected to hear something far out, similar to Funkadelic. I could at least gather that this was vintage; a hidden gem forgotten in the clockwork of time. Turns out I was completely wrong.

The Electric Hour by Jeffertitti’s Nile was released in 2014 by Lolipop Records on cassette and Beyond Beyond is Beyond on LP. To accurately describe this album may prove difficult but let’s say it’s equal parts experiment, journey, observation, and message. I want to be clear that at no point is this album preachy but rather a testament of insightful truths. Sonically, it’s large and ever expanding; the texture is rich and interesting. You could say it’s a rock album but that doesn’t quite capture the scope and power of what this work is.

There are powerful elements of pop and listen-ability balanced with experimentation and general madness. I would steer fans of My Morning Jacket, The Arctic Monkeys or Black Keys down this path.

There are drums, bass, guitars, synths, flutes, effects, driving rhythms and laid back measures but there is also an understanding of life and also the human element. Jeffertitti’s Nile offers wisdom via The Electric Hour by offering answers as well as asking the right questions.

I’m glad that this cassette made in southern California somehow found it’s way into the neglected corner rack of a record shop in southern Vermont. Finds like this are part of what makes this project so worthwhile.


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