Mix Just In: Fall 2017

We’re in the full swing of Fall! As we have entered another season, we welcome another tape to the CTEP! Autumn is a time of introspection as the world slows down to squeeze the remaining sweetness out of the golden days before winter. I have compiled what I believe to be a mixtape that perfectly (nothing’s perfect) embodies the melancholy and earthy feelings of Fall.

1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground – The White Stripes, White Blood Cells 2001
2. Play With FireThe Fleshtones, Up-Front EP 1980
3. Dear Diane – Pete Droge & The Sinners, Find a Door 1996
4. Buffalo Gal – Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage 1972
5. King’s Harvest (Has Surely Come) – The Band, The Band 1969
6. Don’t Fade On Me – Tom Petty, Wildflowers 1994
7. Candidate for Suicide – Hank Williams III, Damn Right, Rebel Proud 2008
8. Trouble No More – Muddy Waters, “Unk” in Funk 1974
9. Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park) – NAS, Illmatic 1992
10. Wild Nights – Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey 1971
11. Funeral Home – Daniel Johnston, Continued Story 1985
12. My Back Pages – Bob Dylan, Another Side of Bob Dylan 1964

1. Librarian – My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges 2008
2. By Your Side – Deltaphonic, See Red 2017
3. America – Marcy Playground, Shapeshifter 1999
4. Don’t Let Me Die Still Wondering – Flogging Molly, Within a Mile of Home 2004
5. Feed the Beast – Mad Conductor, Renegade Space Rock 2007
6. Career of Evil – Blue Oyster Cult, Secret Treaties 1974
7. Goin’ Blind – KISS, Hotter Than Hell 1974
8. People Are Strange – The Doors, Strange Days 1967
9. Photobooth – Death Cab For Cutie, The Forbidden Love EP 2000
10. Dig Up Her Bones – Michale Graves, Illusions 2007
11. Homefires – Eric Michael Lichter, Owl 2008
12. Red Headed Stranger – Willie Nelson, Red Headed Stranger 1975

There ya have it! Roll one up, hop in the car, go peep some leaves! This mix will do you well. Hopefully, I have unearthed some new Fall favorites for you or maybe we share some leaf dropping classics! Either way, enjoy the selection and keep sending in your own mixes to be featured!


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