The Space Ace Delivers!

This one is  particularly exciting! This is an album I have enjoyed throughout my life; Ace Frehley’s Trouble Walkin’. I have never owned this album in any format and I was thrilled to have found it.

Unfortunately, side A is fairly worn but is still listenable. Luckily, side B is alive and well, which includes the title track among other great tunes.

Released in 1989, Trouble Walkin’ is a loaded hard rock album. In my opinion, it surpasses anything in the post-Frehley KISS catalog. Ace brings his best and delivers some great Rock/Hard Rock/Hair Metal! The leadwork is in typical flashy Ace fashion but more direct, with less effects; the tone is pretty savage. Ace is joined by John Regan on bass; Richie Scarlet on guitar; Anton Fig and Sandy Slavin on drums; as well as guest spots from Peter Criss and Skid Row!

There are some cheesy hooks but more than a few tracks contain semi thought provoking ideas. Ace and Co. offer an array of imagery ranging from bad boy anthems (Trouble Walkin’, 2 Young 2 Die) to songs of introspection (Remember Me, Fractured III). Alongside Anomaly and his KISS solo album, Trouble Walkin’ is the best material of Ace’s solo career.


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