Basement Trash: Worth Looking Through

Johnny Mainstream’s 2016 EP Basement Trash is actually a gem! This four track release employs themes of sun soaked struggle, drinks with friends, drinks alone, and sarcastic honesty. The songs blend elements of folk, indie, punk, and Americana to create a sound both intimately genuine and infectiously catchy.

The EP kicks off with a bang from Savannah, discussing identity, alcoholism, and restless leg syndrome. The momentum carries on throughout Westbound and 97 Seconds. The final song Foxholes sweetly delays the end of the EP, which is what you’d want when you wish for a fifth track! This is a great listen for late summer/early fall.


In our digital world, the choice to use an analog format may seem unconventional. However, this physical release serves as a testament to Johnny Mainstream’s dedication to their artistic intentions. Their hearts are in the right place and they beat true on Basement Trash.

Johnny Mainstream is: Matthew Maynes, Dan Garaffa, Michael James Anderson, and Brendan Donnelly.

For more Mainstream look here:
and on bandcamp.


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