3 Tapes Grace: Pretty Simple Mix

I had a very specific idea for this tape; construct a mix of sounds I found to be pleasant without overthinking.  I was looking for themes of simplicity, ease, introspection, relaxation, and beauty. I’m well aware that none of these songs embody each quality and I failed at not overthinking. However, I believe this is a successful tape. Presenting: The CTEP‘s Pretty Simple Mix!

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. I Cried Like A Silly Boy – Devotchka, Curse Your Little Heart 2006
2. Two Hearts In 3/4 Time – The Avalanches, Since I Left You
3. I Saw Her Standing There – Daniel Johnston, Continued Story 1985
4. Giles Farnaby’s Dream – Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Muic From the Penguin Cafe 1976
5. Key to the Highway (Outtake) – The Band, Music From Big Pink (Remastered) 2000 (1968)
6. Say You Will – Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Lifeline 2007
7. Gone Crazy – Marcy Playground, Marcy Playground 1997
8. New Morning – Bob Dylan, New Morning 1970
9. Can I See You Tonight – Michael James Anderson, Restless Sea 2010
10. Strip Club 4×4 – Deltaphonic, See Red 2017

Side B:
1. Everybody’s Changing – Keane, Hopes and Fears 2004
2. Fight or Fall – Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak 1976
3. Minstrel Show – Barry Goldberg, Barry Goldberg 2009 (1974)
4. In the Cold, Cold, Night – The White Stripes, Elephant 2003
5. There is No Way – David James & Port Wine Authority, Angel Amen 2005
6. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) – Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run 1973
Sunrise Projector – Tycho, Past is Prologue 2004
Louisiana Stripes – Hank Williams III, Straight to Hell 2006

As I progressed through the mix I was confronted with a couple challenges. I did NOT want this to become a sad, sappy, or sleepy mix. I didn’t want to only highlight singer-songwriters or favor any specific genre. All in all, this is a fine addition to my series. Other mixes are currently in the works, so please stay tuned! As always send in those tapes! Dassss’iiit!


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