Another Bunch of Winners

Well, I have done it again! Success at the record shop! Sometimes, I’m looking for something in particular and other times I’m totally winging it. This time it was a beautiful combination of the two.

I will acknowledge that this blog (dreadful word) is seemingly exclusive to cassettes but the truth is that I don’t often buy tapes. I have a modest tape collection complete with gems and duds alike. I typically purchase CD’s and they account for 90% of my total library (140 out of 200+/- albums).

I have added Jet’s Get Born, Robert Cray’s I Was Warned, Keane’s Hopes and Fears, and Continued Story/Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston.

I have been thoroughly enjoying Robert Cray’s sound, if you are unfamiliar think Ben Harper meets B.B. King. I have a soft spot for Keane and their anti-guitar sappy pop reminiscent of Coldplay. However, that is all very unimportant; the subject of focus here is Daniel Johnston. This double album is a door to another world, Daniel’s world. It exists within the world that we know but the rules are very different. Daniel’s unique perspective allows him to note and share slices of truth that would otherwise escape a normal person’s scope. I can hear elements in his work that sound in the realm of Nirvana and the Violent Femmes. If you are a fan of lo-fi, honesty, introspective songwriting, experimentation, simple truths, or direct human communication you need to hear this material!

New mixes are in the works and I have been thinking about adding the original Mind Meld Mixes track listings.



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