Most Surprising Cassette

You already know, sometimes one of the best tapes in your deck came from out of nowhere. Some album you’ve never heard from a band you’ve never heard of. Then WAMM! You discover something genuinely tasty.

I was standing in a Saver’s (thrift shop) in Manchester, CT. After studying the 10 cent tape rack for some time, I picked up Here to Hear by Wishbone Ash. Once I listened to it, I kept it on deck for months. Although, I am the type to listen to things repeatedly to the point of brutality.

The songs are smart and the album is genuine compared to the many contrived sounds released at the time (before and after). I must admit, I gave it a shot because I know that Wishbone Ash is a cited influence of Iron Maiden, but this album is smart pop/rock/prog , and sonically, not much like Maiden.

Wishbone Ash – Here to Hear (Youtube)

Keep an eye out for those hidden gems! (You never know, you never, never know.)

– Derek/CTEP/O’KNC


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