The ‘1st’ Tape: Driving/Exciting/Up-Tempo

I made my first mixtapes in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. Recently, I started making a series of tapes called the ‘Mind Meld Mix‘ as a way to keep my long drives interesting. The goal of these tapes was to explore the range of genres in my collection. I take great pleasure in lulling someone into a relaxed state with an old folk tune only to blast them in anxiety with some screechin’ metal.
However, the lack of a theme makes the tapes a very ‘hit or miss‘ experience. Everybody liked a song or two but no one enjoyed the piece as a whole. The CTEP was born during the construction of a tape that I will call my 1st tape. The theme was Driving/Exciting/Up-Tempo, the track listing is provided below.
Side A:
1. Peace Frog – The Doors, Morrison Hotel 1970
2. Take it Back – Cream, Disraeli Gears 1967
3. Why Must You Always Dress in Black – Ben Harper, White Lies for Dark Times 2009
4. Make Some Noise – The Beastie Boys, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two 2011
5. Smoke and Wine – Hank Williams III, Straight to Hell 2006
6. Hypnotize – The White Stripes, Elephant 2003
7. Stand By Me – Atomic Rooster, Made In England 1972
8. The Mob Rules – Black Sabbath, Mob Rules 1981
9. The Rocker – Thin Lizzy, Vagabonds of the Western World 1973
10. Dare – Gorillaz, Demon Days 2005
11. Prove My Love – Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes 1983
12. Resurrection – The Misfits, American Psycho 1997
13. Halftime – Nas, Illmatic 1994

Side B:
1. Mary Had a Little Lamb – Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Texas Flood 1983
2. The Prisoner – Iron Maiden, Number of the Beast 1982
3. I Love Everybody – Johnny Winter, Second Winter 1969
4. The Red & The Black – Blue Oyster Cult, Tyranny and Mutation 1973
5. Liquid Swords – GZA, Liquid Swords 1995
6. Billy Boo the Gunman – Blossom Toes, If Only for a Moment 1969
7. I Against Osbourne – The Dead Milkmen, Beelzebubba 1988
8. I Want You – KISS, Rock and Roll Over 1976
9. Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Safe As Milk 1967
10. Yekermo Sew – Mulatu Astatke, New York-Addis-London: The Story of Ethino Jazz 1965 – 1975 2009
11. Secret Society – Title Fight, Floral Green 2012
12. Never More – Elf, Elf 1972

Well, there you have it! Use this as an example and have some fun! Throw together your own Driving/Exciting/Up-Tempo mix and send it in!


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